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Sale, Lease and Buyback

This is our most popular lending product for a reason.

Designed for our customers who need fast cash at the lowest interest rates, for short periods of time, sell-and-lease lending involves the sale of an asset – like a car – to VFD Microfinance Bank, which we will lease back to you for the duration of your loan.

With sale, lease and buy back lending, VFD Microfinance Bank will keep the original documents of the car or other asset for the duration of your loan.  We do not change the title on the asset documents, so transfer of ownership is guaranteed to be seamless at the end of the tenure.

At the end of the loan period, you will have the option to buy back your asset at the original price of sale, not including rental fees.

Our sale, lease and buy back lending option gives you short-term funding to execute personal projects at affordable rental rates.

Maximum loan tenure: 6 months

Maximum loan amount: N2,000,000

Application requirements

  • Original car documents
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months
  • Copy of work ID card (original to be sighted)
  • Current utility bill (original to be sighted)


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